Friday, January 11, 2013

A Fresh Path

Good Morning and Welcome to my new blog!  For those of you who are following me here from Mamallama Transitions, you will find this blog to be nearly identical to the old one.  For those of you who are new readers, I hope you will enjoy and, at least occasionally, learn something new from either me or my other readers.

Lord knows I'm learning some new things this year.  We are in a major period of transformation.  Having decided to stop trying to leave our tiny town, we have begun transforming our place, bit by bit, into what we have always wanted it to be. This began with a major cleanup that is likely to last at least a full year.  We've been emptying our storage spaces (not just sheds but also the space under every building!) and filtering through the 25 years worth of packrat/nomadic living.  Did you know that if you move with very little to a new place, fill out the household with all of its accoutrements, and bring all of that stuff home with you when you return, that eventually you will run out of space to put all that stuff?  We apparently did not realize this and we are now paying the price.

In addition to cleaning and sending off years worth of buildup, we are finishing projects that have long needed finishing.   One major project that has needed doing for years is the webwork of paths that lead from one building to another.  We've tried different fixes at different times, but yesterday we came upon a revolutionary solution.  You know those guys you see trimming trees for the electric company alongside the roads?  They almost always want a place to dump the shredded wood, and will be eternally grateful if you let them dump it on your land.  Well, a nice thick (4 to 6 inches) layer of this stuff laid out over muddy trails turns them into a lovely, springy, clean pathways that are inviting to company!  It also reduces the need to sweep since nobody is tracking mud into the house any more!  Oh Joy!

Eventually the chips will compost and need to be recovered, but the composted material can then be added to the garden soil!  And the best part of all . . . It's FREE!!!!!

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I also have a food blog where I occasionally post the latest (mostly vegetarian) culinary extravaganza fresh from my little kitchen!  ExcepSchanel Gastronomy


  1. I'll follow ya anywhere, baby! :) All subscribed to this and ExepSchanel (HOW CLEVER!!) Gastronomy, YAY!! <3

  2. Hurray!!! I'm so glad you're here Karen! We really need to find a way to get together!

  3. AH-mazing. As different as our lives have been for so long- on the outside- we're beginning to circle around into the same target...I've got the revolutionary book about halfway done Revolutionary, for us, at least. It's ALL about downsizing. The author's from the blog : D
    I'll fill you in later, but it sounds like the Spirit is moving us SERIOUSLY into the same direction.