Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yak Attack!

When the Middle Tennessee monsoons ended, we started chomping at the bit for the first warm day to come.  Yesterday, when it was only in the forties, we did laundry so that we could have the warmest day of the week (today, 50s) to get out in the Kayaks.  The general consensus  in the morning was to try, for the first time, our own creek, Salt Lick Creek.  This was uncharted territory, with many potential challenges.  There may be trees across creating strainers or requiring portages, or, if the water wasn't high enough we might have needed to get in and out of the boats fifty times to get past shallow riffles.  As it turned out, there were few major challenges, only one portage, and the water was high enough to be really fun!  Unfortunately, the funnest water was where the photographer (Micah) needed to focus on paddling, but here is a lovely view of a perfectly lovely day!

The push off point

Off we go!

Kylie trapped herself on a log

Joe to the rescue!

Looks like we need to portage

Look closely and you'll see the cool bug too.

Micah's version of a self portrait

Guy and Kylie still with us.


Blue Heron prints

The confluence of Long Creek and Salt Creek

The end of the paddle

The Akersville low water ford

Yak-mobile with quiver
Nothing like some good old home grown entertainment!


  1. Kayak-kety Yak! Don't talk back! ;) Loving the pics. You Do know how good you've got it, right? Love and hugs from Wonderland.