Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hidden Treasures

Last week a visitor to Groundwell Farm looked at my garden greenhouse and said something like, "Clearly not much is happening in there."  I mumbled something about growing seeds and we moved on.  I really couldn't blame my visitor for not noticing the hidden treasures within that structure,
It certainly looks a mess.  But much more is happening in there that a quick glance can reveal.

For example, we are indeed growing seeds in there.  We have already harvested copious kale and collard green seed, and the sugar beets will also provide seed after not too long.

But seeds aren't the only thing happening in there.  We also have our perennial herbs in the greenhouse.
Oregano which has been going for more years than I can remember.

Common Sage

Lemon Balm (Sweet Melissa)

Fennel, which is not thought of as perennial but which is at least three years old now!

Hyssop (Purge me with Hyssop and I shall be clean, wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Ps. 51:7)

Borage, given to me by a dear friend this year.

Dill, whose green seeds (fruits?) are amazing in potato salad!

Rosemary (many years running)

Egyptian Walking Onions given to me by my neighbor

Lemon Grass started three years ago from three stalks bought at an international grocery!
The greenhouse also serves as a trellis.
Some of my small fruited tomatoes

And my most recently planted tomatoes also a gift from some dear friends.
And that is not all, no that is not all!  The greatest surprise of all came last week when trying to prove to my visitor that worthwhile stuff was going on in there.  My Curry Tree, which I've been growing for about seven years and which had reached a height of about 6-7 feet was overwintered in the greenhouse this year because it was too big to move back into the house.

 It promptly died.

But when I pulled some weeds out of the way while telling my visitor this sad, sad story, I discovered that from the roots of the dead tree, new life had sprung forth!!  Adult sized leaves in a baby tree size! 
It's amazing how true rings the saying that there's more there than meets the eye!


  1. Cool! I read recently about using fennel leaves & stalks in a juice-recipe for overall good health. You are sitting on a fortune in quality-life stuff, my friend. :)

  2. Fennel is packed with antioxidents and vitamin C. It also promotes both cardiovascular and colon health. Some even say that it boosts your metabolism and promotes weight loss! And it's ever so tasty!