Thursday, September 12, 2013


The season is distinctly changing.  Everything feels different, there is little or no canning to be done, the days are shorter than they have been.  The days of knowing exactly what I needed to do tomorrow because there is a huge pile of tomatoes needing to be picked, washed, canned, or shelved are over and my life is becoming more varied once again.

This kind of change is always a struggle for me.  It's a problem of momentum.  As long as daily events are pushing me forward I can work tirelessly and press on through, but when I need to look for what needs to be done next I get into all sorts of value judgements.  For example, I really want to sew on my new sewing machine,

but is that more important than weeding out my new mint patch, 

and are either of those activities more relevant than commencing a much needed deep clean on the house?

There are other factors as well.  I have taken up a bit of babysitting.  Just three days a week maximum, and only one sweet three year old girl, but the influence of that little ball of energy in our household is amazing. Even though my Katie-pie is a very good girl, she totally wears me out. 
Katie, pre-princess time

Post-princess time
The only nap she's taken in my presence (I didn't dare wake her to put her on the sofa)
It could be the constant string of questions and other babble.  I don't know.  I just know that I have to really want to get something done to be able to do it while she's here.  

Anyway, last night my sweet husband made a list for the family of what really needs to be accomplished in the next 90 days.  It is a daunting list, but later today, when we put it on the large piece of slate 

that we are going to attach to the wall next to the door.  It will be undeniable.  

In my experience, the best cure for momentum issues is a list.  Choose an item, any item from the list and use the Nike principle:  Just Do It!

Now we just need to get that slate hung  up on the wall!!
Oh to be a butterfly and not need all these lists!

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