Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shall We Gather?

We had our January farm meeting last night!

What?  You think that's a little late?  Not at all.  It was just in time, if one considers the weather this winter (which anyone living in at least the Eastern US knows was no fun at all), and if one considers that some of the meetings contributors needed to come from two states away; I think it was pretty darn timely.

You might be wondering what stake someone two states away has in a meeting here in the great state of Tennessee.  Well, it's like this . . .
There are four (five, as of this week) of us living full time on Groundwell Farm, and we see to the everyday doings.  But two others own land abutting GF (Peace of Heaven Farm) and work in concert with us, but do not live here . . .  yet.  Now, because we all intend to work together both now and in the future, we need to reach consensus where various issues are concerned.  To keep ourselves from arguing about situations where one person or group was thinking one thing and another person or group is doing another, we've decided that there should be at least four major planning meetings per year.  This was the first of those meetings.

Mom cooks up a little food to keep us all alert

Dad enjoys the sunset while the meeting comes to order

Every meeting needs an agenda

Pondering over possibilities

What meeting could be complete with homemade cookies?
So we talked about water issues, potential building projects, who will be plant what where, what will be sold at the produce stand, and various other topics related to the basic workings of the farm. Notes have been taken, research tasks have been assigned and now we are all feeling more relaxed and ready to meet the spring's workload!


  1. Good meeting, good food, good fun. It doesn't get better than that. Ideas always swirling in my head.

  2. Doin' it right! Can't wait to see it in full swing