Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Earth Day Visitation

Yesterday was Earth Day, though I must admit, we have been so busy that I didn't even know it was up and coming.  However, as it happened, we had a pretty big Earth Day celebration!

Around the corner from Groundwell Farm, there is another farm working toward goals similar to ours.  They call the farm: Shut Up and Grow It.  There are a few year round residents and many passers through.  For the past few weeks they've been having a work party so, many temporary residents have come from all over the country to help and to learn.

Yesterday, coincidentally on Earth Day, fifteen(!) of them descended upon Groundwell to see what we had going on over here.

Breaking bread together
Artists at work

Fun and games

Peace in the garden

A little mood music

The artists have become architects

Playing "Lion of the Savannah"

Learning how the solar system works

Observing a work in progress

Checking out the compost area

Beautiful artwork for a beautiful day.
Hope your Earth Days were all as serendipitous and beautiful as ours was!

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