Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And Then There Was More

It snowed!

Not the usual Tennessee snow with 1 to 3 inches of accumulation, then maybe a little "wintery mix", then complete meltdown by the following morning.  No, no! Not that at all.  Around SIX inches fell before we went to bed Monday night.

That was awesome! And it led to a wide variety of activities, none of which included worrying about the things we couldn't do because the roads were all but impassable.

Repairing a long unused sled was a first order of business

First trial run

Pumpkin bread, complete with nuts, raisins, craisins, crystallized ginger, AND chocolate chips. 

watching the icicles grow

Heading for the real hill!

Epic snowballs.

The repaired sled is performing fabulously.

More sled options are in order.

and yet more!

And of course taking silly pics to show off how deep the snow is.

We went to sleep feeling the ache in our legs and the drowse of having spent a glorious day in the snow.


last night's footprint nearly refilled

The raspberry patch


Measuring the fresh snowfall at over 3 inches!

I love being able, in times like these, to take the time for thorough enjoyment in what nature has provided for us.  Hope you are all keeping warm!


  1. isn't it great?!?!

  2. Finally opened this. What fun!!! Snowbound isn't all bad - my shbin would have been fun - not thinking Bob would have thought so.