Friday, February 6, 2015


That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

I am a big advocate of anyone entering into sustainable living by simply dropping their present life and moving onto a piece of land with next to nothing, and frankly not even much of a plan.  It's what we did roughly 24 years ago.  That method shows you what you are made of, and clarifies your personal set of needs (everyone's are unique).  In a general sense it has worked out well for us, and though it has taken quite a while, in many areas we have achieved serious success.  Besides, if we had waited to begin living sustainably until we had all our ducks in a row I doubt we ever would have.

That said, we now have a very clear view of a number of farm needs.  A reliable (even of the face of a variety of potential catastrophes) source of water, a granary/threshing floor, a completed food preservation facility, a woodworking shop, a fiberworks shop, a number of small satellite cabins, and so forth.  All of these projects cost. And, since the calendar resolutely refuses to stand still, and our ages continue to climb, we have made the decision to return to the workforce once more.

Over the past two years we have proven to ourselves that we are capable of providing year-round sustenance even with the aforementioned handicaps. We simply would like for life to flow a little more smoothly.  With these thoughts in mind we looked at our options and concluded that the one place that could satisfy our monetary needs, provide us with work that can equally supply us with a sense of pride and enjoyment, and would allow my sweet hubby and I to spend a maximum of time together, we will return to the depths of the earth.

So on March 8 (despite the moving tribute that suggested we would never return) we will begin again to guide tours at the great Mammoth Cave of Kentucky!  Come see us!


  1. Yes work away from home is still work but oh what work you have!! Maybe you will see us sometime!! Thoughtherder

  2. Oftentimes God's path for our journey has a lot more turns and bumps than we'd ever have chosen for ourselves. Keep on truckin, my sistah. :)

  3. good on ya, barb.

  4. Thanks for your support everyone! It wasn't an easy decision, but I think it's a positive one. Love y'all!

  5. All the best from San Francisco !!

    1. Hey Mike! I love your photography sooo much! If you come to KY this year you should stop in. I'll trade you another Thai supper for some amazing pics of the Great Mammoth!