Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fire Update

All is well.  That's the simplest thing I can say.  We've all adjusted reasonably to having basically no electricity.  My sweetie rerouted some wiring to allow the generator to directly power the house, but, since it is noisy and guzzles gasoline, we don't like to run it except to power the glow plug on our stove. While we bake we do all of our baking, charging of rechargeable stuff, and movie watching. The rest of the time we do all of the wonderful things we do without electricity,
like gardening and farm work, reading, and simply enjoying the peace and quiet.

On the weekends, of course, my love and I are at the great Mammoth Cave, so we have unlimited internet.  Unfortunately, up here I don't feel so bloggy.  Hard to say how much you will hear from me this summer.  The situation could change at any time however.  As a family we still have not decided how much of the system to re-up.  One of the boys has committed to purchasing a new charge controller so that we can use the 12-volt freezer though.  That will certainly be nice!

In other news, I gave my first cave tour in two years this weekend!  I didn't forget many important bits of information, and we got back to the visitor center on time.  I consider that to be an unqualified success.  Last week our eldest found us a lovely plateful of morels.

They were fabulous!

And as our first short rows of potatoes started making a strong showing, we got our large potato planting in the ground (in spite of all the rain).

Life goes on, and life is really, really good!

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