Thursday, February 28, 2013


"a : the flowing together of two or more streams
b : the place of meeting of two streams
c : the combined stream formed by conjunction" 
That's how the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a confluence and that's what the month of February has been for me.  

First, my mom and dad came down for a visit and decided to purchase a beautiful piece of land right around the corner from us.  
 She plans to move here sometime in the next couple of years!

Then, I came across a wonderful blog called "Radical Farmwives" that led me to some amazing women (one of whom I've almost really met before) who are living a dream similar to the one we are building here.  And already I've really met two of these wonderful hard workwomen and their families and I look forward to the growth of those budding friendships.  I feel so fortunate, and I can't help but think that our decision a bit over a year ago to stop running away from Macon County has everything to do with these wonderful happenings in my life.  It's as if the rivers of my life are all meeting and flowing together.

Another flowing stream is the work that's going on around here.  You may be tired of hearing me talking about the massive cleaning up project that we've undertaken, but what we have accomplished is still blowing my mind.  Soon all that will be left is to deal with the "green tarp monster" that holds a lot of stuff that should be in storage but that we don't have space for yet.  I do not know if the cleaning up is bringing people to us in some sort of cosmic confluence or if we are cleaning up more and more because people are coming around.  Whichever way it goes, it's exciting and we look forward to a great deal more confluence in the coming year!

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  1. WOW! Your Mom came down and bought some land?! That is remarkable. I'll never get tired of hearing about what you guys are doing. Can we look forward to seeing some more pictures of the new building, soon? Love ya Sistah. Gonna go check out that blog you mentioned. :)