Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life and Love on the Farm

 The whole squirming mass!

With Mama Kylie
Looks just like his father
My personal pup: Brinjal
That was the name of the game Thursday night.  Between Joe and I we were up several times through the night to attend to the miraculous event. 

In spite of the lack of sleep I needed to break some ground.  If I don't start planting a few things now I'll be behind the eight ball when April hits.  So in the afternoon, after getting my brain back together that's what I did.

It was a new bed in a place I had never thought of for planting, and as I sank my fork into the soil that the boys had broken with a mattock the day before I wondered that I had never though of planting there before.  It is on the right side of the yard to grab the early morning rays of sunshine, so it will warm up more quickly that the usual garden spot, and the soil there is better than the soil in the garden.

As I dug in and shook out grass clumps I was filled with a sense that this is what I should be doing.  I love this life so much.  Working the soil on this piece of land feels like what I was born for and no matter how my back feels the following day, this is what I want to do.  The tricky part is finding the jumping off place.  At what point do we even dare to consider being full time on the farm? 


  1. That's a good question. The "jumping off point" is something that I ponder quite often, as well. Trusting that God will direct you, even as we wait for our "sign". :)

    1. I always appreciate a good prayer! Thanks Sistah!

  2. And congrats, Grandma! LOL