Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Poor Correspondent

I've been one poor correspondent
I've been too, too hard to find
But that doesn't mean
You ain't been on my mind 
Sister Golden Hair
It's been a while once again. And I know I promised a whole new blog in my last post, we simply have not had the time to get it all together.  We are currently working four days per week at the great Mammoth Cave, and in the remaining three we are doing all we can to keep the crops growing on the farm.  It is hard (sometimes REALLY hard) but it is not without its rewards.

For example, bringing hundreds of folks through the longest cave in the world and helping them understand the history, geology and the general greatness of the cave is a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to do.  Plus, I get to have a second garden here!

It's a little thing but it helps me keep my sanity!

At Groundwell Farm everything is happening slower than I wish it would, but we figure that if we can accomplish one major project per week, in addition to the usual chores, cheesemaking and cooking, we are doing pretty well.

What a way to make hay!

Nicely mulched garlic rows

Time to plant the 'maters.
Drought gardening has always been our friend.

And of course, making friends with the neighbors!

I wish I had pictures of everything we've been doing, but unfortunately, it's all moving so fast that I rarely have time to find the camera!

The really good news came this week.  An old friend contacted us asking if he could be our first CSA member. That will have us rethinking the remainder of our planting for this summer and fall, but it also gets us one step closer to being on the farm again full time!

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  1. love the scything video! miss our tuesday hellos. glad for the update!