Friday, April 26, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I was almost gone.

From the internet that is.  On Wednesday morning, when we started it up, the computer was wholly uncooperative.   For hour upon hour, Joe struggled to make the do anything that it was supposed to do.  He got nowhere.  Toward mid-afternoon, the hard drive started making ominous clicking noises,

then came total collapse.  (Heavy sigh)

So, we had a family conference.  Where do we go from here?  Options were put on the table.  I could manage my blog(s) from the library. We could drop streaming on Netflix and manage our queue from the library as well.  Ditto with e-mail, etc.  We could try to fix one of our old computers (we've never actually gotten rid of a dysfunctional one).  We could drop off the face of the earth.  All of these possibilities were seriously considered.  Remember, we are in the process of cutting back our expenses here at the Tweedledee, and nothing, I mean NOTHING is sacred. 

In the end we chose to purchase a new computer.  This year's income is partially centered on selling off several old cars and some cabinet shop equipment, so we need to be able to use E-bay.  This seemed incentive enough for now, but if this machine dies an untimely death, I doubt it will be replaced.

On a cheerier note, we also bought a tiller!

Another financial focus for this year is produce sales either through farmer's markets or a stand, and the idea of turning an acre or more of sod with potato forks has started seeming more and more unlikely as the spring progresses. 

Along with these new technical wonders comes a deeper sense of responsibility than we may have felt in times past.  We have become more and more conscious of the effects of consumerism, not only on third world countries or the environment, but on our own souls.  So, we will take extra measures to take care of our machines so they can serve us as long as possible.  It is unlikely that they will be replaced.

In other news we got a row of cabbages out

and the puppies and kitties are growing up!  Today we moved the pups out of their "mobile home" and into their summer cabin.

The kitties as well, had their first taste of the great outdoors!

So that's all the news from the Tweedledee on this crazy week.  We take the good with the bad and all seems to come out well in the end.  I'm still here!


  1. Babies! Babies! Everywhere!! Wow. I'm glad you're the one with so many little ones to fall in love with. They're all just adorable. :)

    1. We have one of each available! Ya want one?