Saturday, April 13, 2013

With a Little Help

For a long time here at the Tweedledee, we've been loners.  Part of this tendency certainly arose from a feeling that we did not belong here, but I think the larger part was born from a need to prove that we could be totally independent and still succeed.  We have gotten a lot accomplished during our time of isolation, but, at the same time, it has been a lonely accomplishment.

A year and a half ago we vowed to come out of isolation. WOW!!!  What a difference it has made.  We have new friends.  And through both the inspiration and the assistance of those wonderful folks we are advancing by leaps and bounds.  We have also been strengthening the ties between ourselves and our neighbors, and in that strengthening we have realized a generosity we had never acknowledged.

This weeks planting is a prime example.  This past winter (it is indeed past now) our neighbor Morell
mentioned that we could split the cost of seed potatoes and plant them on her place.  If we did the bulk of the work up front she and her son would tend the plants after they came up.  Squishing tater bugs and the like.

We decided to take her up on the deal and yesterday we planted more potatoes than we've ever planted before, about fifty pounds, plus some potatoes that were going to seed in Morell's basement.  It was a wonderful morning full of jokes, and the work shared by so many wasn't like work at all!

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