Friday, May 3, 2013

Going to Ground . . .

Not so long ago, I wrote a post about a farm where I spent some time a good long time ago. It was a wonderful place, and a place of many firsts for me.

It was my first communal living experience,  the first time I needed to deal with farm animals, my first time living with vegetarians and vegans, my first political activism, my first brush with the Green movement, and and the first place I lived without hot running water.  When I look back I can see how formative my time there really was, even though it was only 6 weeks.

Somehow, this past week when we were searching for a name for our farm, none of  those firsts came to my mind.  For a while now I've been calling our place The Tweedledee for lack of a better name.  However, when we looked up Tweedledee, we didn't like the connotations of that name, so we searched on.  A great many names were bandied about including, but not limited to:  Obladi (from the Beatles), Elderberry Farm, Bag End, and Blackberry Hill Farm.  All good names in their own ways, but nothing that truly took hold.  We were leaning most toward Elderberry Hill and were checking name availability on Go Daddy, when on a sudden whim I typed in Groundwell Farm.  " Oh my god!!!  It's available!!"  And there it is.

Coming full circle and going back to Groundwell.  It is fitting I think for Groundwell Farm, with all the folks there did for their community and all that they taught me, to be reborn, and I consider the name to be an honor. 

Sometime in June we'll have a Christening party for the new Groundwell Farm, details will be forthcoming.

I hope we can live up to the legacy of the name.

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