Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Salad Symphony

Oh glorious spring!!

There are few things I love better than a good spring salad, and I think an awful lot of you out there would be happy to agree with me.  A comment the other day though made me wonder if we are all thinking of the same thing when we say "spring salad".  I've here told you all before that I'm lousy with lettuce, so I depend on a wide variety of both wild and tame salady plants to fulfill my craving.

Can you taste the kale?  The radishes and infant carrots are easy enough to pick out, but can you find the minced carrot tops, sage, and oregano?  If you are paying attention you'll notice the chopped young onions, but you may not realize that dandelion flowers are not the only yellow in the salad, there are also turnip flowers.

A closer look reveals bits beet greens and the sad fact that I forgot to gather redbud flowers (what tangy tidbits!) I did remember the chickweed though!

If it all seems like a bit too much, and you doubt that you'd like all of the ingredients that are in there, you should talk with our newest redident.  A month ago he would have told you he didn't like salad, period.  Now, though,  he can't get enough!

So get out in your yard with a good field guide, pick some wood sorrel, grab some chickweed, and don't listen to the people that say that when kale starts to flower it is bitter.  Make a symphony of your own!

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