Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Pretty Good Start

If the rest of the year goes anything like January this will be a really great year.  We've been so busy, and have accomplished so much!  The weather has been less than accommodating ranging from monsoon to freezing rain with a few astoundingly beautiful days interspersed.  But we haven't let that get in our way this year.

We managed a serious deep clean on the house and, with the help of a couple of new bookshelves, have organized no only all of the books that were already in the house, but also several boxes of books that have been in one shed or another for the entire time we've lived in Tennessee.  The living room is looking more and more library like all the time!

We've continued the cleanup outside as well, and have begun several landscaping projects.  Thanks to the wood-chip coup we not only have clean paths to the house and sheds, but the boys have been developing planting beds.

Joe and Micah sided the privy:

I attended my first chamber of commerce meeting in an effort to create community ties, we got a sweet new pup, Kylie

We've already had our first kayaking adventure of the year and our first daffodils are blooming!

So here's to a great year!  I hope for the same for each of you!

P.S. Next month planting begins!


  1. You HAVE been busy! The boys' planting beds look great, and the privy!! WOO HOO!! LOL
    I SO want to come down. Maybe Spring Break...Hoping and praying...

  2. The privvy looks so sharp, now!!